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2011 Foris Pinot Gris
Very bright stone fruit and mineral aromas are immediately noticeable. Flowery, bright fruit on the palate with a broad mid-palate mouthfeel. Dry, but lushly fruited. A crisp acidity kicks in at the end carrying the flavors through a lingering finish echoing the original aromas of intriguing minerality. Wonderful balance.

Foris Vineyards Winery - Although Foris has employed individual winemakers over the years, the current style is more old-world, some might say old-fashioned. Foris lends itself to making wines of consistent quality and great value. A coterie of dedicated individuals, each with their unique skills and knowledge, work together throughout the winemaking process - from planting to pruning, harvest to crush, fermentation to market. "Coterie", a small, intimate group of people who associate frequently. Everybody partakes in the process. Like the European guild system, Foris apprentices a likely employee, Vinnie Coterie.

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