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2010 Magnificent House Wine Red Blend
Ripe cherries, mint, and mocha characterize this soft, beautiful expression of the grape. The bouquet offers an explosion of sweet preserves while the palate is delighted with the smooth, lush sensations of silky Cabernet.

Mad Housewife Cellars is a sub lable of Rainier Wine. The team at Rainier Wine recognizes that wine should never intimidate, make you think too hard, or create a new line item in your budget. Above all else, wine should be fun, relaxing, and something you can afford to look forward to at the end of each and every day. In recognition of the fact that an abundance of great wine is made every year, we are purchasing wine on the open market in the tradition of the French "Negociant" model. We are working with key suppliers to expertly blend and ensure an annual consistency of price, quality, and supply.

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