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What is the difference between a sparkling wine and champagne?

Though many people use the term "champagne" to designate all sparkling wines, in truth Champagne is a specific type of French sparkling wine. Champagne comes from the region of the same name in France. The area has produced sparkling wine since the days of the Roman empire, and still bottles some of the best vintages in the world.

This club is designed for the Sparkling Wine & Champagne lover! Every month members will try two different sparkling wines from the world’s top producers. One month may bring a French Champagne along with an Italian Spumante while the next pairs a California Cuvee with an Australian Sparkling Shiraz. Whether for yourself or a gift, this wine club will give each member a reason to celebrate with every shipment.

Wine club membership Includes:
  • 2 different bottles of Sparkling or Champagne wines
  • Monthly Newsletter detailing the wineries and wines featured.
  • Discount on wine reorders.

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