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When to Drink and When to Lay Down Wine Clubs

When to Drink and When to Lay Down Wine Clubs

All wines tend to have personalities of their own. Each wine has its own scent, notes, and flavor. The wines also affect the palate in a different manner, which is why some wines are known as dessert wines, wines for meat, and other different categories. Wine clubs give wine aficionados the opportunity to learn more [...]

Why Are Some Wine Clubs Sweeter than Others?

Why Are Some Wine Clubs Sweeter than Others?

Sugar is used to produce the alcohol in wine. To elaborate, the sugars contained in the crushed grapes are broken down into both ethanol and carbon dioxide during fermentation. However, not all sugars can be broken down in this manner. Furthermore, too much alcohol created through fermentation can end up killing the microorganisms responsible for [...]

Personalizing Your Wine Club

Personalizing Your Wine Club

It’s challenging, finding the perfect wine. With so many prices, styles, and wineries, deciding what to buy proves challenging. Cellars Wine Club makes it easy. Choose red or white, decide if you want international or domestic wines (maybe even a mix of both), and the wine club picks the bottles for you. Enjoy different wines [...]

Ideal Wine Club Storage in 3 Simple Steps

Whether you have just joined a wine club and find yourself falling in love with this delightful refreshment or you are fortunate enough to have years of experience as a true wine connoisseur, finding the best way to store wine can be a dilemma.  Wine, unlike alcoholic spirits such as bourbon and vodka, is perishable. [...]

Giving An Exquisite Wine Gift Without Breaking The Budget

Give the gift that keeps on giving every month. Cellars Wine Club offers a diverse choice of tasty wine selections likely to please even the most discriminating palate. CWC presents a choice of savory wines that won’t put the squeeze on your budget. All selections are equally classy, stylish, and – most importantly – generous. [...]

Wine Club and Chocolate for Mom? Yes, please!

Flowers are nice, but I get far more satisfaction out of quality chocolates, a bottle of her favorite wine, and time to enjoy them both. Flowers shrivel in a few days, and my cats usually attempt the eat them when I’m not looking, so I usually have to put them up where they’re not immediately [...]

Decanting Your Wine Of The Month Club Wines

What is Decanting? Often debated, the topic of decanting wine has both proponents and opponents among serious wine enthusiasts around the globe.  A simple definition is the transference of the wine from the original bottle into another container known as a decanter, prior to serving.  Fans of this process are convinced that this simply makes [...]

The Benefits Of A Wine Of The Month Club For The New Wine Lover

For wine lovers, one of the nicest things about joining a wine of the month club is coming home to a shipment of great wine each month. Just seeing that box instantly removes some of the stress of the day. Visions dance in your head of intimate, candle lit dinners with sparkling goblets of wine [...]

To Cork Or Not To Cork-That Is The Question

Wine bottles can be sealed in many different ways, including cork, rubber cork and screw caps. Wine lovers always want to seal their wine bottles so they retain the flavor of the wine. The better the wine is sealed means the better, fresher, and less oxidized it will taste when it is opened again.   Cork Eighty percent of [...]

So many colors! So many shapes!

I have a special possession that brings back romantic memories of a long ago date, but it isn’t jewelry, or a flower pressed in a book or even a photograph.  It’s a beautifully shaped wine bottle in my favorite shade of sapphire blue.  Now years have gone by and my date at that dinner has [...]