Wine of the Month Club

With So Many Choices Which Wine is Right For You?

Wine of the Month ClubYou pull up to your local wine store determined to change your imbibing tendencies. You used to drink for the buzz, but now you’re going for the more mature, refined way of drinking. I like to call it the way of wine-snobbery. As you browse the aisles of the wine store, you realize you have absolutely no clue if you prefer red, white, or rosé–sweet or dry. Too ashamed to ask for help, you grab the wine bottle that looks the most interesting and head to the checkout counter.

Sound familiar? If you have been through this experience, or if you’re considering a situation like this, stop. I have five beautiful words for you: Wine of the Month Club. Whether you’re new to the world of wines, or seasoned to its wonders and delicacies, a wine of the month club is a win-win situation.

Effortless Variety With So Many Different Tastes

If you’re beginning your journey in the art of wine, a wine of the month club is going to help you know what you like. It’ll give you variety without your having to pick anything! No more awkward browsing in the wine shop, trying to make intelligent choices. A wine of the month club gives you effortless variety and so many different tastes.

If you’re stuck in a rut or wanting to explore the subtle differences between very specific wines, a wine of the month club is great for you too! You may not believe it, but trust me, with a wine of the month club, you can get the top wines (judged to be so by wine critics) delivered right to your doorstep.

Yep, Your doorstep! It’s effortless!

If you don’t want the wine critic’s wine and want to choose something different you can use a wine of the month club to explore the subtleties of the sweet wine variety or a well rounded bunch of reds or whites…and the list goes on.

I know you might feel self-conscious or think to yourself “Meh, I’ve got some that I like.” Let me stop you before those thoughts go any further down this twisted corkscrew of thinking. The world is a place of variety and excitement, and while not every area will be able to embrace those variations wholeheartedly, why not let your inner wine snob come out of his shell. Let the subtle flavors of the millions of grapes around the world make their way across your tastebuds with a simple “yes” to a wine of the month club.