Benefits of a Wine by the Month Club

“One if by land
Two if by sea”
A Wine by the Month Club will make you happy. 

Ok, so Paul Revere’s midnight ride had nothing to with wine, but our wine by the month clubs remind me just a little of Longfellow’s “Paul Revere’s Ride.” Read on and I’ll explain.

One if by Land

“One if by land” would be a clever reference to the stateside wine by the month clubs we offer. There’s one wine by the month club that actually supplies only US wines-it’s the West Coast Wine Club. There’s no traveling by sea for this wine club. Each bottle selected comes from somewhere on America’s glorious West Coast, like California, Oregon, or Washington and can include both a bottle of red wine and a bottle of white. What separates these jewels from your local grocer is that they are selected from special boutique vendors for their uniqueness.

Two if by Sea

Wine by the Month Club

Naturally, a wine by the month club absolutely must contain international wines. A wine by the month club without a Bordeaux or an Italian wine would be tragic! Hence the “sea” mention here. The international wines provided in the wine by the month clubs are phenomenal as usual, and there is even a wine by the month club that provides only international wines. If you guessed that it was called the “International Wine Club” you are right!

A Wine by the Month Club Will Make You Happy

Here’s the part of the poem that has nothing to do with Paul Revere’s midnight ride, or even Longfellow’s poem about it, except that it rhymes! This line does, however, describe what our wine of the month clubs do for their members. Wine by the month clubs make people happy. Why? They make people happy because they provide them with a monthly delivery of exquisite wines that can include a variety of US and international wines. It’s wine to your doorstep every month for as long as you want.

There you have it–a simple explanation of how a wine by the month club can remind us of a little bit of history and poetry while delighting us with its exquisite finery.