The Best Wine Of The Month Clubs

Wine of the Month ClubsThere they elegantly pose themselves against the backdrop of the Cellars Wine Club home page–twelve wine of the month clubs each beckoning to you in different sultry tones.

“Join zee Ant-air-na-see-own-elle Wine Club” the French wines of the International Wine of the Month Club lure.

“I wish they all could be California wines!” the West Coast Wine of the Month Club Wines sing with the familiar strain of one of the Beach Boys’ hits.

“Come explore the world with us!” the Premium Wine of the Month Club wines invite.

They all welcome you with the greatest warmth, but how will you be able to choose just one wine of the month club–the best wine of the month club for you? Taking one step at a time, you will be able to narrow your choices down.

1.) What is your purpose for joining a wine club?

If you’re interested in exploring a wide variety of wines but don’t feel particularly don’t know too much about different wines, I’d suggest beginning with the Single Bottle Wine Club, the High End Single Bottle Wine Club, or the Premium Wine Club.

2.) Do you prefer a specific type of wine?

If you know you like just red wine, any of the wine of the month clubs will work for you except for the Champagne Wine Club, the Quarterly Case Wine Club, and the Half Case Wine Club. If you like just white wine, go the Champagne Wine Club. Most of the wine of the month clubs offer a selection of all red wine or a mixture of red and white. If you don’t really enjoy the dryer wines, try out the Sweet Wine Club

3.) Are you a seasoned high-end wine drinker interested in trying out some higher priced, more rare wines?

The 90+ Point Wine Club or the Cellars Wine Club are probably going to lure you in. Both of these wine clubs deliver exquisite bottles of wine highly rated by wine critics.

4.) What’s your budget?

Because none of the wine of the month clubs require a minimum time commitment, you can opt to save for a few months to purchase a higher end wine of the month club, or you can use that money for a monthly shipment of one of the less expensive wine of the month clubs.

If you’re really unsure, even after answering those questions, just start with one club and change to a new club each month! After all, there are twelve months and twelve clubs and no penalties for switching clubs. Before long, you’ll know which wine club is the best wine of the month club for you!