To Cork Or Not To Cork-That Is The Question

Wine bottles can be sealed in many different ways, including cork, rubber cork and screw caps. Wine lovers always want to seal their wine bottles so they retain the flavor of the wine. The better the wine is sealed means the better, fresher, and less oxidized it will taste when it is opened again.



Eighty percent of the 20 billion wine bottles produced each year are sealed with a natural cord enclosure. Because of the way cork is structured, it is very easily compressed when inserted into a wine bottle to form a very tight seal. Recently, there has been a decline in using cork as a wine stopper due to the increase of cheaper synthetic wine stoppers on the market today. Cork stoppers are now making a comeback, however, and currently are used in 60 percent of the wine bottles produced today.

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Synthetic Rubber Cork

Synthetic corks are made from plastic and are designed to look like a natural cork. There is less risk of TCA contamination when using this type of cork. Disadvantages of using this type of cork include air entering the wine bottle after 18 months, and difficulty of removing the cork from the bottle. The materials used to make this type of cork is biodegradable and recyclable. Using this type of cork in a wine bottle allows for oxygen transfer rate that can have an impact on the wine itself.

Screw Caps

Screw caps are made from aluminum material and threads onto the neck of the bottle of wine. Screw caps can form a very tight seal on the wine bottle, and work great to keep oxygen out of the wine for a longer period of time than when using cork. This allows the wine’s quality and aging to be much better. A disadvantage to using screw caps to seal a bottle of wine is they can suppress the wine’s aroma. They have also been known to cause unpleasant aromas. Many consumers perceive screw caps as being for only cheaper wines no matter how much it cost.


Vino-Seal is a plastic and glass closure that was introduced into the European market in 2003. Since its introduction over 300 wineries use this type of seal. This is a glass stopper with an inert o-ring, and works very well in preventing oxidation and TCA contamination. The main disadvantage to this type of seal is that it is very expensive.

Many people love to drink wine with dinner or while visiting with friends. They are always aware of the different qualities of wine, and the best way to seal their wine. They may even offer a wine gift to someone they know. People that love wine should use a wine of the month club to save them the difficulty in selecting a decent and high quality bottle of wine. They will receive a new bottle of wine each month. This can same them time and they will always know they are getting a great bottle of wine that they can share with their friends and family.


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