Wine Clubs of the Month: An Ode to Delivery Day

Wine Clubs of the MonthYou wait at your window with bated breath. Sure, you’re trying to keep yourself occupied cleaning the house or watering the flowers, but the day has finally come–the day of your wine delivery. You poured through the twelve different wine clubs of the month carefully weighing your options, finally deciding on one specific wine of the month club that suited your mood for the day, and now you’re waiting for the postman to deliver that precious bundle of joy right to your doorstep!

The twentieth of every month could very easily be your day to celebrate–the day when you know that an adventure is being shipped to your doorstep in the form of one, or two, or three, or six, or even twelve luscious bottles of wine.

I suppose you could always let someone else benefit from you choice from the numerous wine clubs of the month; you could use it as a gift. Either way, getting a package at the same time every month is so very much fun. It’s like having a birthday every month!

Choosing just one of the wine clubs of the month for your order may have been challenging (as they all looked so delicious), but the great twist to these wine clubs of the month is that you can change clubs every month if you’d like and still be sure to get the best wines from whatever wine of the month club.

And now, all you can do is wait. Wait for the sound of footsteps, the ring of the doorbell, the barking of your dog as you run toward the door. You straighten yourself up, open the door, and pick up your package. The one you had been waiting for–the one from your selection of the many wine clubs of the month.

There your bottles of wine stand before you in regal splendor. You take out your glass, open your wine, and pour it into your glass. And it is there that your wine experiences continues and grows to a new and fuller appreciation. Those bottles before you are more than just a selection from the many wine clubs of the month. Those bottles were your destiny.