Wine Clubs of the Month Gift

May 12, 2013. . .you might be scratching your head wondering why this sounds oddly like an important date that you ought to be remembering. Let me stop you from wondering and tell you why it sounds so provocatively familiar: it’s Mother’s Day! Glorious day where we celebrate our very own sweet mothers and all that they’ve done and still do for us. If you’ve started panicking at the thought of it, wondering what you’re going to get your mother, our wine clubs of the month gift can help to end this panic attack and make you feel well prepared.

Let me take a guess at three descriptions that may very well be your mom, and explain how wine clubs of the month gifts cater to those aspects.

1.) Your mom is picky.

Wine clubs of the month GiftSure, she says that she would like “anything” that you get her. It might be true to some extent, but in reality, she’s a picky person. Think about her refrigerator. She probably buys a particular kind of mayonnaise, or only a certain brand of cheese. She only uses certain types of cleaners around the house because the others “just aren’t as good” . . . and the list goes on.

As a gift, these wine clubs of the month offer your mom a chance to choose whatever she likes–it takes all of the guesswork out for you. All you have to do is buy the gift card and put it in cute wrapping paper! Then, she gets to enjoy the gift later by looking at the wines and reading reviews and deciding when she wants to order it and choosing the wine of the month club that sounds best to her. She gets to be the queen of picky without having to pay for it.

2.) Your mom likes surprises.

So who doesn’t like surprises, right? The great thing about wine clubs of the month gifts is that the recipient (your mom) gets to be surprised twice. First, when she opens the gift from you telling her about the great wine of the month clubs that she gets to choose from and how it’ll be delivered to her door. Then, she gets to be surprised, while anticipating the delivery of her wine!

Really. It’s the gift that’s bound to make you the favorite child of the bunch. She’ll love the gift on Mother’s Day, and then remember how much she loved it later in the month after her order is delivered!

3.) Your mom likes to experience “real” culture.

For every one time that you’ve ever heard your mom suggest that she and your dad or a friend do something more “cultured” (like go to the theater or an orchestra concert), she’s probably wished for it  dozen times more.

Wine is the epitome of a mental image of culture. When it comes with information (which ours does) telling about the wine, where it came from, what it tastes like, and what to pair it with, your mom will feel saturated with culture.

Give your mom the ultimate treat this mother’s day with a wine clubs of the month gift, and let her relish in her pickiness, anticipate her surprises, and luxuriate in her cultured atmosphere of the best wine has to offer.