Ideal Wine Club Storage in 3 Simple Steps

wine club

Whether you have just joined a wine club and find yourself falling in love with this delightful refreshment or you are fortunate enough to have years of experience as a true wine connoisseur, finding the best way to store wine can be a dilemma.  Wine, unlike alcoholic spirits such as bourbon and vodka, is perishable. Incorrect storage, even for a short time, will damage the character, taste and even the color of fine wine.  Proper storage does not have to be difficult, just remember these key steps.

Not too hot, not too cold…

It is no coincidence that wine has traditionally been stored in cellars.  Cellar temperatures are typically in the 55-60 (F) degree range, a temperature that is considered ideal for wine.  A common rule of thumb among experts is that every degree over 55 (F) degrees, speeds up the aging process of the wine by a full year. Temperatures warmer than 70 (F) greatly accelerates this process and can ruin your wine in a short time.

Shhh, the wine is sleeping…

Listening to the beat of a your favorite classic rock song can be a great way to enjoy a glass of fine wine, but the ideal storage area needs as much peace and quiet as you can give it.  Part of the maturing process is the settling of any sediment in the bottle.  This settling improves both the flavor and clarity.  Vibrations from loud stereo speakers,  appliances and high traffic areas in the home can shake up the wine club and affect the taste and appearance.

Keep the lights down low…

One of the biggest enemies of fine wine is light. Many wineries have historically used colored bottles to help protect wines and this practice still continues today. Darker bottles offer better protection and some bottles now even have built in UV filters.   Ultraviolet light rays cause the wine to become “light struck”, which causes it to develop an unpleasant smell.  Likewise, sunlight and even fluorescent lighting are also detrimental.  If you cannot control the lighting in your  storage area, then wrapping the bottle in cloth or shielding it inside a box is preferable to exposure to light.

If digging a wine cellar for your monthly wine club is not in the budget of the HOA by-laws, using these tips and a little planning will help you properly store that latest wine club shipment.  Just a little effort to keep your wine shaded, chilled and vibration free will ensure that you get maximum enjoyment from each glass.  Now enjoy!

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