Introducing Loved Ones To Wine

wine of the month clubThere is an old saying about how we get to pick our friends and not our family. We are often reminded of this every summer as join in summer reunions, backyard barbeques, and late fall getaways at the lake. Our families are a constant source of amusement but they are often the people who support us during our most trying times. Sharing a fine wine with loved ones canĀ  broaden your experiences as you share intimate moments over a crisp Moscato or spend a rainy Sunday discussing the vibrant hue of a deep Merlot.

Dark red wines, strait from a wine of the month club delivery, are perfectly paired with a cozy afternoon under blankets reading your favorite book or catching up on your favorite reality show. Malbecs are dark red wines, heavy with tannins. These wines lend drinkers the flavoring of raisin and a mild bite similar to garlic. Malbecs are frequently blended, similar to Merlots. Another favorite for brisk days, Merlot is a fruity wine, with few tannins. This red wine has characteristics of plum and rhubarb. These smoky reds are great for an intimate dinner for two or shared with neighbors over your latest fresh-baked creation.

Bright white wines embody the crispness of spring and the brightness of long, lazy summer days. The fresh bite of a young Chardonnay reminds drinkers of early spring breezes, both sharp and earthy. Delicate flavors of pineapple and citrus can be found in many Chardonnays. Perfect for even distinguished wine palates, a classic Chardonnay is the perfect contribution to the neighborhood barbeque or gift for the hostess of the black tie dinner. Pure, distinguished Chablis offers drinkers a steely bite, pure enough to be paired with seafood straight from the ocean, this choice is perfect for the clambake or beach party. Chablis is know for it’s green apple-like tartness and crystal clarity.

Whichever fresh new find you choose to share with your loved ones and friends, a wine of the month club can take your on new adventures in wine. Established high-quality varieties ensure you will not be wasting money on supermarket quality poorly-aged acidic vintages. Perfect moments with your most intimate friends deserve a wine as original and intriguing as they are.

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