New Wine Blog Series: Starting Monday

As many of you know, the Cellars Wine Club Blog spent October traveling the world of wine, presenting four unique wine-producing regions in elegant infographic form. Full length articles joined the infographics, detailing the history of France, California, Italy, and Australia. The series was a success on our blog and across social media, showing that the information provided by each post was appreciated by wine amateurs and connoisseurs alike.

Our goal on this wine blog is to further your knowledge and love of wine. In October, we felt the exploration of international wine industries and history would reach that goal, as well as even entertain. Judging by the social response, it seems that we were correct. As a result, November has been assigned a very similar task…but at an even larger scale.

Once again, we will focus on a specific wine-producing region or country. This month, however, each week will act as a miniature series, revealing 4 unique posts Monday through Thursday. The four articles will detail various aspects of that week’s wine region, covering a whole range of specific information and new wines for you to explore.

Throughout this experience, we will strive to connect you, the reader, with wine and wine lovers across the globe. Our hope is that each series will make the wine world just a little smaller and a little more connected.

If you wish to join us on this journey, please enjoy our first post of the series on Monday.