2011 Senso Sangiovese Wine – a Cellars Exclusive!

In November we are offering an exclusive Italian import, 2011 Senso Sangiovese Rubicone IGT.  We will be featuring it in our Premium, Red Trio and Half Case wine clubs. Senso  The Rubicone IGT is named for the Rubicone River that flows from the Apennine Mountains to the Adriatic Sea through the southern portion of Emilia-Romagna. [...]

The Basics of Wine Tasting

The Basics of Wine Tasting

Learning how to taste wines is a straightforward adventure that will deepen your appreciation for both wines and winemakers. Look, smell, taste – starting with your basic senses and expanding from there you will learn how to taste wines like the pros in no time! Keep in mind that you can smell thousands of unique [...]

Fun Wine Factoids

The Irish believe that fairies are extremely fond of good wine. The proof of the assertion is that in the olden days royalty would leave a keg of wine out for them at night. Sure enough, it was always gone in the morning. – Irish Folklore Ambrose Bierce (1842-1914), “The Devil’s Dictionary”, 1911: CONNOISSEUR, n. [...]

Food & Wine Pairings

15 Perfect Pairings, from White Wines, to Rosés, to Reds: White Wines Champagne is perfect with anything salty Most dry sparkling wines, such as brut Champagne and Spanish cava, actually have a faint touch of sweetness. That makes them extra-refreshing when served with salty foods. Crispy Udon Noodles with Nori Salt Sauvignon Blanc goes with [...]

Old World Wine, Or New?

How French Wines Differ from American Wines

France has been the leader of the winemaking world for centuries. France is number one in wine production (most years) and also in wine consumption. In the quality department, the most critically-acclaimed, most treasured red wines, white wines, sparkling wines, and sweet wines all come from France. The country’s renown is such that winemakers from [...]

Wine Serving Temperatures

Wine Serving Temperatures

Don’t make the mistake of over-chilling your whites or serving your reds too warm. Every wine has its “sweet spot” temperature that brings out all of its finest qualities. Here is a simple infographic that will help you find the right temperatures for your favorite wine. Let us know what you think.  

What’s in a Word? The ABCs of Wine Speak

Ever been at a wine tasting or a dinner party and the guy next to you is waxing poetic about the wine selections? Using words like bouquet, cassis or ethereal to describe the qualities of the wine. Did you think he was just blowing smoke and trying to impress, or have you been around enough [...]

Welcome to the Cellars Wine Blog

Welcome to the the Wine Blog! Here at Cellars we are all about discovering and sharing great wines. Our pursuit of great wines starts right here in our own backyard, Washington State, and leads us around the world to some of the best growing regions on the planet. One thing we’ve learned: opening a great [...]