Personalizing Your Wine Club

wine clubIt’s challenging, finding the perfect wine. With so many prices, styles, and wineries, deciding what to buy proves challenging. Cellars Wine Club makes it easy. Choose red or white, decide if you want international or domestic wines (maybe even a mix of both), and the wine club picks the bottles for you. Enjoy different wines every month and feel free to switch clubs when you’re ready to try something new.

Choose From More Than One Dozen Wine Clubs

Cellars Wine Club has more than a dozen clubs available making it easy to customize your order. The clubs include:

90+ Point: Monthly shipment includes two bottles of red or a bottle each of a red and white wine that scored at least a 90 from esteemed wine critics.

Cellars: Cellars Wine Club is for the novice who wants to learn about premium wines. Each month a shipment of two rare wines – two red or one bottle each of red and white – is sent directly to your home.

Champagne: Receive two bottles of champagne or sparkling wine every month.

Half Case: Receive monthly shipments of six bottles that include three different types of red wine or two reds and one white. For each type of wine, you get two bottles.

High End Single Bottle: Perfect for the novice who wants to taste high quality wines but lacks the knowledge when it comes to choosing. Receive one bottle of red or white wine every month.

International: Enjoy two bottles of red or one red and one white from international wineries.

Platinum: Every month, you receive three bottles of hard-to-find wines in your choice of red or red and white. Wines include both domestic and international options.

Premium: Monthly shipments of your choice of two bottles of red or one white and one red. Wines are premium but affordable and include both domestic and international selections.

Quarterly Case: Every three months, you receive 12 bottles of your preferred wines. You’re welcome to change your wine preference each time.

Red Trio: Perfect choice for red wine drinkers. Receive three bottles of red wine, both domestic and international, every month.

Single Bottle: Receive one bottle per month of your choice of red or white wine for as many months as you choose.

Sweet: Club shipment includes two bottles of sweet wine, usually white or blush, every month.

West Coast: Recipient gets two bottles of red or a red and white wine from a west coast vineyard.

Customizing Your Wine Club Order

Cellars Wine Club encourages you to customize your order. This ensures you get to try something new each month and learn about the different varietals and wineries available. Soon, you’ll gain expertise that makes it easy to know exactly what you like in a wine and what a high quality wine tastes like. Head to Cellars Wine Club and discover how easy it is to sign up for your preferred wine club.

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