What are Rosé wines, Sulphites and Tannins?

wine clubsIn the world of food and drink, there are few processes as finely tuned and precise as the art of winemaking. Wine has been a popular beverage for centuries due to its sweet flavor and relaxing qualities. Over the years, wine production has changed to yield dozens of varieties of wine, from a deep, dry merlot to a light, fruity moscato. Wine clubs allow exploration of the extreme variety available; each one possessing subtle differences stemming from the grapes used, the production method, the casks used and the bottling process. These slight distinctions make tasting and comparing wines a pleasure people around the world enjoy.


Sulphites are also common components in most wines. Sulphites are acidic compounds composed of sulfite ions and make up the base for bicarbonate. Sulphites occur naturally to a degree in most wines and are used to control the fermentation process, stop oxidation and prevent bacteria growth. The tangy, acidic quality of white wine is largely caused by the levels of sulfite.


Tannin, another common ingredient in most wines found naturally in the skins and seeds of grapes, is a bimolecular compound that causes the solidification of proteins. The dry and astringent flavors of red wine is caused by tannin.

Rosé wines

Besides the differences in the ingredients and their varying levels in wine, different varieties of wine are produced in different manners. Rosé wine, for example, is a white wine with a hearty rose color from the incorporation of grape skin. Rosé can be made by blending, skin contact or saignée and is neither a red nor a white wine.

Wine clubs, anyone?

Wine is one of the most beloved drinks around the globe. Many countries place a strong cultural emphasis on the use and consumption of wine and owning memberships to wine clubs can add flair to your life, too. With an eight thousand year history, wine is a central part of the human existence. In today’s society, joining a wine club is one of the best possible ways to bring this well-loved passion into your own life.

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