Things to Look For in Your Wine Of The Month Club Shipment

Wine of the Month ClubChances are, you fit into one of two categories. You either jump into something because it looks interesting, or you wait and let society try something out for a while to see if it’s any good before trying it yourself.

If you like to know all the nitty gritty about something before committing, read on. While the wines that accompany each different wine of the month club shipment may be different, you can be certain that our methods of shipment and delivery are constant.

Whether you’re hoping to order wine from one of the wine of the month clubs for yourself or as a gift for someone else, you probably want to know what to expect when you get the box containing your precious cargo.

Before discussing the shipment itself, you’ll want to consider where you have the wine delivered. If you’ve got someone over 21 who will be at home to receive your wine of the month club delivery, then definitely have the wine delivered at home. Otherwise, it’s perfectly acceptable, and maybe more practical, to have the wine of the month club shipment sent to your place of business. Knowing this in advance can really help your planning.

Once you know where your wine is being delivered, you simply wait–and yes, waiting can be difficult. Eventually, though, your wine of the month club shipment will arrive at your door in an average looking brown box, but don’t let the outside deceive you. When you open the box, you’ll be greeted with tasting notes and pairing ideas as well as a little history of the wine you’ve had delivered to your home.

After you’ve taken out the tasting notes, you’ll see a unique, protective covering shaped around your specific wine bottles. There are no messy packing peanuts or other bits of styrofoam. When you lift  off the top covering, you’ll be greeted by your wine of the month club wine selections, carefully resting in the lower portion of the uniquely shaped protective casing.

From here, it’s easy to know what to do. You take out your corkscrew and a wine glass, and accompanied by the tasting notes, begin your journey into a revelry of delightful flavors and textures.