Wine Club of the Month Club Tips

Wine of the Month Club“Red, red wine goes to my head…” the familiar strains of reggae god Bob Marley pulse in island fashion. You bob your head, while the passing thought flickers across your consciousness that you don’t know much about wine–although you’d really like to.

Reach out and grab that thought before it goes too far! A wine club of the month is exactly what you need in your life to open the world of wine to your taste buds.

“Well what’s a wine club got to offer?” I hear you ask in all of your skepticism. “What makes it better than my local grocery store?”

A wine club of the month does a couple of grand things.

  • It brings the wine right to your front door!

This means that there’s no leaving the warmth of your home, no changing out of your pajamas. That, my friend, is a glorious life!

  • A wine club of the month cuts out the indecision and forces variety into your life.

You probably have one or two go-to wines that you get when you’re in the mood for wine, and while it’s grande that you’ve got a wine that you’ll drink, man, you’re missing out! The world of wines is vast and beautiful. A wine of the month club will bring you that variety without extra time and research or even just wild grabs in hopes of a good bottle of wine.

  • A wine club of the month club educates you.

Wine of the Month ClubWell that’s offensive! No, it’s not. There are very few people who know very much about wine, and this gives you the chance to be among them. A wine club of the month sends you a monthly newsletter about different wines, and when you get your monthly bottle of wine, you’ll learn something about that specific wine to reflect on while you drink it!

Signing up to be part of a wine club of the month gives you lots of crazy benefits, too–like awesome discounts on a variety of wines, and if you can say with Bob Marley “Red red wine you make me feel so grand, I feel a million dollars when your just in my hand,” then you need to embrace this club because no where else will you get this experience in all of its grandeur and sense of well-planned adventure.