When to Drink and When to Lay Down Wine Clubs

wine clubsAll wines tend to have personalities of their own. Each wine has its own scent, notes, and flavor. The wines also affect the palate in a different manner, which is why some wines are known as dessert wines, wines for meat, and other different categories. Wine clubs give wine aficionados the opportunity to learn more about wine care. One of the most skipped categories of wine care is wines that should be aged.

Wines that Age

The aging of wine refers to the amount of time that the wine is left to sit before it is consumed. Most wines are able to be consumed immediately after purchase. Some wines, usually those in the red family, are best after they have been stored for some time. Cabernet Sauvignon is a good example of a wine that gets better as it ages. Once this wine has been created, it should sit for a decade or more before it is ready to serve. Red wines all have different aging amounts before they are ready that are dependent on the wine type. 10 to 15 years is the appropriate amount of time to allow a Cabernet wine to sit. Merlot should be stored for up to a lucky seven years, and Pinot red wines should sit for around half a decade.

Know Your Wine Clubs’ Aging Dates

Most wines will come aged from the winemaker; however, you should pay attention to the date on the wine bottles to ensure that you are aware of how much time the wine must be stored at your home. Most wine should sit horizontally at wine cellars in order to store and age. Wine sitting horizontally makes sure that the wine cork does not dry out and allows the wine to oxidize while aging. Wine racks for cellars, tables, and wine refrigerators are all made to horizontally to aid red wines in their aging process. Aging wine may seem like a slow process, but then as the saying goes, “fine wine only gets better with age.” Join a wine of the month club to receive a variety of different wines to test out how the aging process works for reds.

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