Why Is a Particular Wine Club Popular?

Wine ClubWhy? It’s a question that we all asked growing up. Why is the sky blue? Why do I have to finish my homework? Why do mosquitoes bite? We might not vocalize our questions as much now as we used to, but that doesn’t mean those questions aren’t there. One question you might be wondering, for example, could be why is a partcular wine club so popular.

While we at Cellars Wine Club love all of our wine clubs, there are definitely a few that tend to stand out as favorites. Most recently, the Premium Wine Club, the Red Trio Wine Club, the International Wine Club, and the West Coast Wine Club have stood out as some of our best wine of the month clubs.

So what makes these particular wine clubs so great?

1.) The Premium Wine Club

People seem to love the premium wine club for a few reasons. First, the Premium Wine Club is a great gateway into the world of wines as it offers wines from both national and international sources. On top of that, the Premium Wine Club is also relatively inexpensive while still providing two bottles of wine with each delivery. Customers love it because it helps them experience different wines from different regions without breaking their banks.


2.) The Red Trio Wine Club


Red wine seems to be a favorite wine for a lot of wine drinkers, so that is one reason why the Red Trio Wine Club is popular. Add to a love for red wine a shipment of three bottles a month and you will begin to understand why people are such huge fans of the Red Trio Wine Club. It provides an exploration of the thousands of red wines available in both the US and international vineyards.


3.) The International Wine Club


There’s something very alluring about foreign soil, and that might be what makes the International Wine Club stand out from many of the other wine of the month clubs. It might also be the fact that some of the most phenomenal wines are grown outside of the US. To have a wine of the month club dedicated to helping a wine enthusiast travel the world via his or her taste buds is a delectably provocative idea.


4.) The West Coast Wine Club


In as much as some of our customers adore the experience of international wines, there are others who love the idea of focusing solely on the lesser known wines from our very own US vineyards. While US produced wines are replete on grocery store shelves, this wine of the month club allures customers because of its focus on the specialty, limited edition, small boutique, hand-selected wines that are hard to find elsewhere.


It seems to be the novelty, the price, and the all around good wine that draws people to these wine of the month clubs over and over. Find your wine niche today and let your tastebuds select their favorite!