3 Wine Facts for St. Patrick's Day

03.22.16  \\\  Posted by Holly Ihrig  \\\  Wine 101

Ireland doesn’t usually jump out as an immediately wine-related destination. Have you wondered why wine is associated with St. Patrick's Day? How did it start? How it became popular? To shed some light, here are some facts about wines:

Monks are believed to have started Irish wines. It began in the 5th century when the monks of the Cistercian Monastery planted a vineyard to produce wines needed for mass. These monks also travelled across the continent to help their brothers produce their own wine, too. They became not just missionaries, but also viticulturists.

Wine facts were unearthed in Desmond Castle. Surprising facts about Irish wine history found in Desmond Castle in Kinsale. This castle now serves as a venue for the International Museum of Wine exhibition.

Wine, originally, had little to do with St. Patrick's Day. We often wonder why drinking is associated to St. Patrick's Day, which is, in fact, a religious holiday. Some point to the Irish government supporting tourism decades ago. Drinking, concerts, fireworks, and parades were eventually added to the bill.