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You don’t just love wine - you live it! The 90+ Point Wine Case Club is pure luxury in every bottle. With wines appointed by wine officials as the very best, this club does not disappoint. 

The wines in the 90+ Point Case Club all rank 90 points or more on trusted wine scales like Wine Spectator and Robert Parker, and are equally praised by our own experts and team at Cellars Wine Club. This club features selections from Old World to New so you won’t have to travel the globe for something exceptional. 

Every bottle included in this wine club of the month is unique for several reasons, the wine in the shipment has been deemed “outstanding” and “superior” (wines rated 90-94 points) by Wine Spectator. Also included in this club are wines that are benchmark examples or “classic” (wines rated 95-100 points). In both ratings, it’s obvious that each bottle of wine in this wine club is of superior character and style. 

It’s noteworthy to understand the rating process when choosing the 90+ point wine club. Wine ratings don’t necessarily indicate only how delicious a wine is. Instead, wines are scored based on production quality and typicity (how much the traits of a particular wine ‘typify’ the style and region it’s from). Wine ratings can be very useful when paired with your ability to be curious and seek more knowledge.

Critics and wine professionals alike will agree that wines at this level are exceptional and offer beautiful expressions that are specific to that wine varietal. Some wines you may taste in this club include complex Pinot Noir, deep and voluptuous Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel that is devine. 

For wine-lovers and wine connoisseurs, this case club is a dream come true for more than the palate pleasure. Tasting wines graded higher than 90 points offers great education and the taster will find that each bottle is well balanced as well and free from one immediately overwhelming flavor; each 90+ bottle is complex.

The 90+ point case club is style and grace, wrapped up in a beautiful package, ready for you to pour and enjoy in the comfort of your home. At Cellars Wine Club, we make wine delivery simple and convenient - delivering each 90+ wine subscription right to your door every three months.


Impress a wine aficionado in your life. Give the gift of wine by sending this case club to a friend, loved one or family member. Also available as a wine gift, send the smaller yet stil equally luxurious 90+ Point Club, with two bottles per shipment. Use our convenient wine delivery to give any of our wine clubs as a gift that is sure to excite the recipient.  

Discerning palates can find even more to love in the 90+ Point Case Club, offering more wine each shipment at an even better per-bottle value! With a savings of over 20%, plus more wine per shipment, we find that hard to resist. Plus, at Cellars Wine Club we are committed to a 100% satisfaction guarantee, offering our “no bad bottle” return policy. If, upon arrival a shipment didn’t travel well, or the bottle was bad, we’ll replace it - no questions asked. 


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