Wine Club with 90+ Point Wines

11.08.16  \\\  Posted by Holly Ihrig  \\\  Club Spotlight

A wine club is a new extension of the modern wine culture. It is designed to provide members with a series of wines on a monthly or quarterly basis. The wines in the series are often sought-after wines that are hard to find and purchase. A wine club typically follows a theme in providing members with wines – a pair of reds, a pair of whites, or a mixture of the two. Vineyards and specialty shops usually offer wine clubs, but they can also exist as independent entities.

In some cases, clubs may be formed on the themes of wine classifications with monthly or quarterly wine offerings belonging to specific classification groups.

Wine Classification
Finished wines are reviewed from bottles in blind tastings. Each wine is given a score ranging from 0 – 100. Wines are classified on the following 100-point scale:

  • 95-100 A classic wine with great quality
  • 90-94 Outstanding wine with superior style and character
  • 85-89 Very good wine with special qualities
  • 80-84 Good wine, solid and well-made
  • 75-79 Mediocre wine , may be drinkable but with minor flaws
  • 50-74 Wine not recommended for drinking

Ninety points out of 100 is the standard in the wine industry to identify wine varieties that are considered outstanding.

Cellars Wine Club
Cellars Wine Club, founded in Seattle, Washington in 1999, started as an internet club which quickly grew into a complete retail wine shop. Since its founding, Cellars Wine Club has become one of the premier West Coast wine clubs. The club has formed a partnership with several world-class wine producers in the state to offer its customers optimal quality.

Cellars Wine Club gives its members the rare opportunity of picking their own wine club from a large selection, including Red, International, or the 90+ Point Club.

The 90+ Point Club
The members of the 90+ Point Club exclusively enjoy wines rated at 90 points and higher by the most respected and recognized wine experts in the industry. The club’s wine experts provide members with the finest wines at deeply discounted prices. The club’s team handpicks selections, which are shipped to club members on or around the 20th day of the month, directly to their door.

The wines from the 90+ Point Club are packed by wine experts using special protective boxes and shipped via standard ground service – free of charge. The club offers a 100% guarantee on every bottle of wine they deliver. If there are any problems, the bottles will be immediately replaced, no questions asked. Membership with the 90+ Point Club may be canceled at any time.