Late Celebration: Wine Gift Subscription

01/19/2018  \\\  Posted by CWC  \\\  wine club gift subscription

Even though we may sometimes forget to give gifts on time, there is something about a belated gift (whether for a birthday, anniversary or even Valentine’s Day) that brings unexpected joy when you least expect it. 

So why not give that friend or relative, connoisseur or dabbler, a wine club subscription that they can enjoy any time of the year. We promise, our selection of hand-selected varieties will make up for any delay. Here you’ll find the best belated gift ideas for the wine lover on your list! 

Wine Club Subscription for Wine Novices

Our Premium Wine Club makes the perfect gift for those looking to refine their tastes. This club offers stunning wines from all over the world. Think France, Italy, New Zealand, and South Africa. Each is handpicked by our experts for exquisite and unique flavors. 

We’ll make it easy if you’re not sure what the recipient will like. Every month, or at your desired frequency, we’ll send him/her two new bottles of wine: red, white, or both. Tasting notes included so they can have an educational experience every time! 

Wine Club for Aficionados

Need to really impress someone? How about our 90+ Point Wine Club, which takes only the best of the best and brings them right to our members. Your special sommelier will love all the boutique flavors this club has to offer.

Wine Gift Accessories

For more gifts that can be given to wine lovers you can buy accessories so that everyone on your list is happy!