CBD in the Drink Industry

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CBD infused drinks are the fastest-growing segment of the CBD market. Currently, organizations are competing to explore this potential market and statistics show that CBD infused drinks alone could hit $260 million by 2022. Typically, the creation of CBD-infused drinks involves including an extract of CBD in the end-product. These drinks are trendy because they don’t cause psychoactive effects and offer various health benefits.

Manufacturers use CBD because of their legal status. CBD is one of the cannabis compounds that have insignificant psychoactive properties. This feature allows users to enjoy the benefits of CBD without getting high. The fact that they offer therapeutic effects explains why they are the most prevalent.

Besides, most users are resorting to healthier drinks. The increasing sensitization of users on the effects of sweetened beverages gives CBD infused drinks a chance to thrive.

Infusing CBD with drinks like wine gives it a better taste. CBD oil alone has an earthy and bitter taste, and this is one of the reasons that people are on the lookout for ways to enjoy CBD in combination with their favorite drinks. CBD infused will revolutionize the drink industry for several reasons, as we’ll discuss below:

CBD Infused Drinks Market

Trends in global data show a buzz in searches for global CBD drinks. These drinks include everything from water, kombucha, non-alcoholic wine, coffee, and smoothies. CBD infused drinks contain small doses of CBD of about 2-25mg per drink. It is, however, imperative to note that the total amount of milligrams consumed per day will depend on a person. The use of nanotechnology allows companies to produce CBD in small particles that you add to your drink to boost your body’s ability to absorb the contents of CBD.

Statistics from recent research show that the market may surpass 11.38 U.S. billion by 2025. The popularity of this market will continue to grow as countries legalize marijuana and CBD across the globe.

Legalization of Cannabis for Health Purposes

Legalization is one of the reasons that will revolutionize the CBD infused in the drink industry. CBD is the medical component of cannabis, and it is legal in about 30 nations across the world. Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a drug called Epidiolex that contains CBD for the treatment of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. Such legalization drives CBD infused drinks manufacturers to target people with such conditions. To ensure you get effective CBD dosage, we suggest you check the trusted sources out there. CBDfx makes it easy to get your dose of cannabidiol that we highly recommend.


Numerous Health Benefits of CBD Infused Beverages

CBD infused drinks allow you to obtain small doses of CBD in your favorite beverage. These doses contain all the unique properties of CBD that are vital in relieving pain and inflammation as well as the regulation of sleep and anxiety, among others. CBD beverages offer health benefits that you cannot find in other drinks. For a sick person, you can benefit from its ability to treat chronic pain, arthritis and manage chemotherapy side effects. Due to its ability to offer health benefits while allowing you to enjoy “your drink”, CBD infused will most likely revolutionize the drink industry.

CBD Infused Drinks are Tasty

The beverage enhancers used in infused drinks are tasty and have added flavors. These flavorings are organic, which implies that you won’t be adding chemicals into your body. They will make your water taste better and encourage you to remain hydrated the whole day. In short, the sweet taste can add a little excitement to your daily drinks.

Increased Bioavailability

CBD drinks have an aspect of bioavailability. Bioavailability, in this case, refers to the amount of a substance that our bodies can break down. One study investigated the bioavailability of all forms of CBD. The findings of this study show that CBD beverages have a bioavailability of 94%. The reason behind this is that CBD drinks use beverage enhancers to provide the product to the body. When making beverage enhancers, manufactures process CBD in such a way that it is available in very fine particles. These particles allow the body to benefit from the small contents of CBD. This reason is advantageous to people who consume CBD for its health properties.


CBD-Infused Drinks are Discreet

While CBD is a legal product, some people still love to consume it in private. For example, when you smoke or vape CBD, you can interfere with the peace of other people who don’t want the smell of cannabis. When it comes to edibles, you can spend a lot of time pairing them with your favorite food.


CBD drinks are very discreet, and no one can know what you are consuming. There is nothing conspicuous about CBD infused drinks that can attract attention.  So, if you want to benefit from CBD by taking them several times a day, like at work, at the gym or while taking a walk, CBD infused drinks are the best option to use. Drinking a bottle of smoothie or water will not arouse any suspicion.


It Increases Water Intake

In this century, staying fit is part of life. Every person wants to attain that model look and reduce susceptibility to dietary illnesses such as obesity. How does water come into this? Drinking water is one of the many ways that people use to reduce weight, stay fit or increase their overall wellbeing. Water has no taste, and for this reason, it may be hard to hit those recommended eight glasses per day. CBD infused water allows you to drink tasty water, and this can increase your water intake and help you achieve your dieting goal.



CBD infused drinks are already the biggest thing in the CBD market. At least every person drinks, whether it’s wine, water or a smoothie. They will revolutionize the “drink industry,” allowing users to enjoy CBD discreetly, by offering unique health benefits and increasing water intake