Cabernet Fathers Day Wine

06.10.20  \\\  Posted by Cellars Wine of the Month Club  \\\  Wine 101

Before you get a chance to pat yourself on the back for finding the perfect Mother's Day gift, it's time to start thinking about your dad. With Father's Day right around the corner, and we all want to make sure they feel extra loved with super thoughtful gifts. If your dad is one of those wine enthusiasts who really enjoy a bottle of beautiful wine, there surely is no better way to give than our finely stocked cellar in the 90+ Point Club.

Featuring selections from Old World to New, you will make sure that he will get delivered wines that all rank 90 points or above on trusted wine scales like Wine Spectator and Robert Parker, and are equally lauded by our own Cellars Wine Club experts.

Aren’t sure you'll find something here that's perfect for him? We've made things even easier for you: here's a list of five reasons why Cabernet Sauvignon is the perfect present for your old man.

1) Everybody knows Cabernet Sauvignon

Sometimes simply referred to as "Cab", the king of red grape varieties is one of the most popular red wine grapes and is grown in wine regions around the world.

Did you know that also Cabernet Sauvignon is the most planted wine grape in the world? Approx. 720,000 acres are planted pretty much in every winemaking region of the world: from France to the US, considering Italy, Australia, Chile, and even China, among others.

2) Cabs display a broad spectrum of aromas and flavors

It tends towards herbaceous flavors in colder climates with capsicum and grassy undertones, but as it gets warmer and sunnier, it tends towards blackcurrant and, when very concentrated, cassis. California, Chilean and Australian Cabernet, you can often spot mint or eucalyptus. It has a great affinity with oak, and ages beautifully displaying a range of vanilla, cedar, sandalwood, tobacco, coffee, musk, and spicy notes.

3) Cabs pair amazingly with steak and BBQ

Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the more complex wines out there, and it has high levels of tannins. Tannins act as "scrapers" to fats and proteins that collect on your tongue from the food you eat. Red meat has higher levels of fats and proteins, and wine with higher tannin simply cleanses your palate.

4) Cabs are highly valuable

Cabernet Sauvignon-based wines (primarily Bordeaux) are traded and tracked like stocks at sites like Liv-ex and Cavex. It is known that investment in wine offers returns similar to that of gold or jewelry.

5) Cabernet Sauvignon is the most reviewed red variety in Wine Spectator's database

Over many years of Wine Spectator's rating hard work, nearly 24,000 tasting notes dedicated to wines with Cabernet Sauvignon. This is the highest number of ratings assigned to red wine.

So, when Father's Day rolls around this year, you will absolutely nail it!

At the 90+ Point Club, we have put together a fantastic selection that will for sure surprise and please all types of dads —especially those with an exquisite palate and picky taste.

Kick your feet up, grab some wine, and share a conversation over the perfect bottle - especially now that grilling season is upon us!