Discover Wine from Bali

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Discover Beautiful Wine From Bali

Bali may be best known for it's beautiful beaches and warm climate, but it also has a good reputation for wine. The temperature on the island of Bali is generally between 26-28℃ even in the winter months, ideal for growing quality vines. There are four main wineries in Bali that grow grapes and produce a range of wines from sweet to dry. You can visit these wineries to see the growing conditions and sample the delicious wine. Because Bali is a fairly conservative Muslim country, wine has a higher rate of tax, so is a little on the expensive side. However, this means that it is treasured and savored, just as good wine should be. 

Artisan Estate Winery

It is worth taking a day trip to visit the Artisan Estate Winery. The nearby Surf Villas at Uluwatu is a relaxing place to stay in Bali, where you can spend the night after your wine tour. Just imagine sitting by the pool outside your villa, drinking that chilled glass of Chardonnay. The Artisan Estate Winery produces wine that you would traditionally find in Australia including a fresh and fruity Shiraz and a crisp Sauvignon Blanc. The owner of the winery, Craig Newton has a special way of preserving the grape juice, which is what gives the Artisan wine such a distinct taste. 

Hatten Wines

Hatten Wines was the very first winery that established itself in Bali, founded by Ida Bagus Rai Budarsa in 1994. They produce ten different wines, all from grapes that are grown in North Bali. The evergreen vines that they grow produce grapes all year round, so they aren’t limited by the weather of the changing seasons. The grape varieties are both international and indigenous to the island and the volcanic soils give the wines a unique and complex flavor. Make sure that you try the beautiful Aga Alexandria wine, which is made from Chenin Blanc and Muscat St Vallier varieties. 

Sababay Winery 

The Sababay Winery are an ethical wine producer with a vision of empowering the indigenous farmers of Bali. They collaborate closely with local grape farmers to produce beautiful wines with character. The vines are grown in the Buleleng area where the volcanic soil is particularly fertile. The velvet series are particularly popular, made from the Cabernet Sauvignon variety of grapes, with a smoky aroma of cherry. 

Plaga Winery 

Plaga Wine is one of the most popular wine brands in Indonesia. They are particularly well known for their fresh Sauvignon Blanc and their fruity Chardonnay. The winery generally uses grapes from Australian and Chile, but the grapes are fermented and then the wine bottled in Bali. Plaga wines are sold all over the island in stores as well as bars and restaurants. Look out for their Frizzante sparkling wine, which pairs extremely well with sitting by the pool watching the world go by. 

The warm climate in Bali means that grapes can grow all year round. The wines that are produced on the island are top-quality and most importantly, delicious to drink.

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