Drinking Wine Can Inspire Good Health

06/08/2018  \\\  Posted by Jennifer Dawson  \\\  Wine 101

Drinking Wine Can Inspire Good Health

Did you know that Americans consume around 100 million gallons of wine per year? And, according to the Wine Institute, this number is increasing yearly! With such a love we have for wine, the added bonus is that drinking it in moderation isn’t always necessarily bad for our bodies; in fact, drinking a few glasses of plonk can actually improve some aspects of our health. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or are still learning how to pick the best wine for the right occasion, the benefits of wine might surprise you so pour yourself a glass and read how you can enjoy your drink and stay healthy

Drinking wine and losing weight

Our bodies don’t treat alcohol in the same way as fats or carbohydrates as it is broken down in the liver which can help increase metabolism through drinking red wine, especially in combination with drinking water. Simultaneously, our bodies produce enzymes to digest the alcohol and this in turn, helps to burn off calories. Therefore, being aware of the amount of wine you devour can determine how many calories you are taking on a daily basis. This will make it much easier to get an idea about how to create a calorie deficit whereby you are burning more than you consume. While this might not have a significant impact on the weight you lose, it will help toward weight lose over time.

Drinking wine for the right reasons

While drinking a few bottles of wine late into the night is not a positive approach to alcohol consumption, knowing when and how often to drink a fews glasses can actually be beneficial to your health, especially if its red wine. For example, when you've earnt a glass of wine at the end of the day, try waiting until your evening meal is served as it can increase your appetite by drinking it before food. Similarly, drinking it after dinner can help to absorb all those calories. Although you don’t have to spend a fortune on wine, it is also a good idea to spend more on a quality wine rather than a cheap bottle of plonk.

Drinking wine to stay healthy

It may be that some of us like a tipple to take the edge off a stressful day, but drinking wine has many other benefits in our health too. Although some news reports might differ on how and what wine can do to our bodies, it is generally accepted that having a few glasses of wine can also help to fight off the free radicals due to the antioxidants in wine, particularly if you choose a white variety. Similarly, it can give your immune system a boost, ward off infections, increase bone density and even reduce risks of heart attacks or diseases.

All these positive aspects of wine drinking shouldn’t stop you from regular exercise, eating healthily or give you a green light to increase your intake of wine, but it does mean that the next time you open a bottle, you’re helping your body look after itself - providing you don’t drink it all in one go.