Enjoying Wine On The Water

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What better place to experience wine than on the deck of a boat? From trips down France’s Canal du Midi, to celebratory champagne flutes on an ocean bound yacht, the BBC has outlined how wine has a greater connection to the world’s waterways beyond the fizz smashed upon the hull of maiden liners. Getting on board a boat and trying out a few different vintages is a classic and very enjoyable way to experience wine, and something everyone should try at least once. However, before you set off from the jetty, you need to think about how you’re going to keep safe.

Staying safe

Boat accidents remain common and, tragically, often fatal, despite the huge range of technology that boats and those who man them can call upon in the modern day. Statistics compiled by the US Coast Guard indicate that there are up to 4,100 boating accidents every year in the USA, with 626 deaths and 2,613 injuries resulting from those incidents. When you add alcohol into the mix, it can be even more dangerous to go out onto the water.

Look after yourself, and don’t get drunk on the boat – make it a classy affair. Ensure that everyone in the boat knows basic first aid and has swimming skills: these have been shown to decrease the risk of water accidents. It’s also important to ensure that the boat you are boarding is up to safety standards. Aside from the vessel being registered and seaworthy, that means having life-jackets, flares, and all the other safety measures that can help any vessel in danger on the water. Most companies will, by virtue of being able to trade openly in the US, have these things in place – but it doesn’t hurt to check before the fun begins.

Red wines

Reds convey a sense of luxury at any event, and there’s a storied history behind such wines in cruises globally. The UK’s Daily Telegraph highlights one such classic cruise, following the path of the Gironde, France. This is, of course, inclusive of the Bordeaux region, synonymous with some of the greatest and most replicated wine variants anywhere in the world – and that includes luxurious reds. On your boat trip, try out some St Emilio or Graves style variants, matured in the Bordeaux method, or even from the region, to evoke those powerful emotions and flavors.

Simple white

Conversely, a white wine can be luxurious, but it can be down to earth, too. Potentially a better choice for good flavors yet a more refreshing taste – especially on the hotter days – white wine can be the every-man wine, good for wine lovers and new friends too. Everyday Health highlight, in particular, Chardonnay, a beautiful wine with a great history and some positive health benefits to boot. Drunk on a boat in the shimmering sun, it can be a great way to boost your vitality while having fun.

Of course, these are only a couple of ideas. There are countless ways for you to enjoy wine while embarking on a water trip. Look for your favorites, but be careful, and don’t overdo it – stay safe.