Enjoying Wine On Your Glamping Trip

09.14.18  \\\  Posted by By Jennifer O'Neill  \\\  Wine 101

Did you know that camping with wine provides you with a much more ideal situation as opposed to beer? Wine has an ideal ABV, which means you can get more alcohol for less weight. Beer doesn’t really compare to the 4-6% ABV that most wines offer, making wine the superior, and obvious, choice. You don’t have to live in Wine Country to glamp it up with a nice bottle of your favorite vino. Whereas some people stock up on hydrating tablets and perhaps even a few cold beers, wine lovers will understand the appeal of bringing wine to a camping trip. Whether you’re spending a relaxing weekend in a cabin, want to hit the Appalachian Trails for a day hike, or simply want to turn a normal night in a tent into an ultra-relaxing one, we’ve got you covered.

What will you be pairing your wine with?

Consider the menu for the trip. If you and your family or friends know you’re going to go for a full-on cookout, then you’ll likely want to accompany the food with a different wine than if you’re just packing weenies and s’mores. The normal rules still apply, and juicy red meat like steaks will pair great with a red wine, but a lighter wine that has under 14.5% alcohol will likely hold better against any heat if you’re camping during the summer. A Riesling is great for summer camping, as well as whites that don’t need to be cold to be tasty such as a Chablis, Pinot Gris or Chenin Blanc. If you’re heading to the mountains during the winter, a Pinot Noir or Chianti is great for colder weather outings. 

wine glamping trip

What to pack for a wine glamping trip

Ensure you're stocked up on all the necessary camping items, such as cooking ware, sleeping bags, and utensils to barbecue with. You’ll be able to fuel your adventures as well as ensure that you can enjoy cozying up to a bottle of wine on your next camping trip without worrying about what you’ll eat or how you’ll eat it when the wine munchies kick in. As well, ensure that you’ve packed utensils to open the wine as well as drink it properly. If you know you prefer a chilled wine, come prepared with an icebox or cooling system. And, always keep your wine out of direct sunlight to prevent having it cooked and dehydrated.

Stay safe and enjoy the pairings

Enjoying wine while camping is a great way to enhance your senses in a way that also enhances the taste of the wine you’ve chosen to bring with you. Enjoy the great outdoors and allow the trip to open your eyes, nose, tongue and even ears to new experiences that can add to the food and wine pairings you’ll be enjoying. As always, it’s important to check your local laws in regards to drinking alcohol in public parks and spaces, and to stay hydrated even in the colder months. If you’re planning on enjoying wine glamping more often, opt-in for a fine wine subscription to always have your favorites in stock.