Cellars Wine Club Fulfillment

Benefit from our 20+ years of experience in the beverage,
packing, and shipping industries.

We do the following — Customize, Ship, and Track!

  • Sort and pack wine.
  • Insert literature or tasting notes.
  • Automatically email the tracking number and winery information to your customer.
  • Send a master file back to you with tracking numbers.
  • Notify you if exceptions occur and work to resolve them as quickly as possible.
  • Shipment across the US with the exception of AK, AL, AR, DE, ND, HI, ME, MS, NH, and UT.

Customer service is our top priority! We help build long-lasting relationships
with your customers through great service and communication, reducing the
number of returns and increasing satisfaction.

Our fulfillment partners include:

Celaeno Winery

Cinq Cellars

Covington Cellars

Damsel Cellars

Elevation Cellars

Elsom Cellars

Martedi Wines

Patterson Cellars

Savage Grace Wines

II Vintners

Woodhuse Wine Estates

Guardian Cellars

Kevin White Winery

Pondera Winery

Sol Stone Winery

Obelisco Estate

Lobo Hills Winery

Lord Lion Winery

Kasia Wines

Chateau Beck


Category 5

Seckseckgua Wines

Three of Cups Winery

Upchurch Vineyards

Tinte Cellars

Michael Florentino Cellars

Passing Time Winery

William Church Winery 

WT Vintners

Schedule a visit to our facilities or direct questions to:

Tom Bauer