Give Back: Critter Camp

12.16.16  \\\  Posted by Stasia Brewczynski  \\\  Give Back

This holiday season, Give Back, the philanthropic division of Cellars Wine Club, is proud to partner with Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary. From rabbits and guinea pigs, to gliders and foxes — even an alligator — Critter Camp has housed and re-homed hundreds of animals. They’ve cared for over 300 animals and 30 different species!

Critter Camp believes, “only when people care about every animal will all animals be safe.” With that in mind, they care for animals their entire lives whether or not they’re typically considered pet worthy, specializing in small and unusual animals who may have trouble finding proper care elsewhere.

Consider supporting Critter Camp with your next wine club purchase. Use the code CC2016 when you make any purchase from Cellars Wine Club and 15% of every dollar you spend will be contributed to supporting this incredible organization and the unique animals they protect!