How To: Save Wine Labels

If you’re looking to save labels off the bottle for a wine journal or display, nearly all liquor stores and vineyards sell wine label removers, but if you’re looking to diy your project, here are two tricks to remove the label from a bottle with ease without damaging it:

Bake Method: Bake your wine bottles for an easy removal method. Yes, you want to make sure the bottles are empty of wine first! Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Put the bottle in only until it’s hot, but do not leave them in longer than 10 minutes. This should soften the adhesive that sticks the label to the side of the bottle. Slowly, use an oven mitt to remove the bottle. Then use great care and slow precision to remove the label. The wine label should come right off at this point.

Microwave Method: Another method is to use a microwave for heating, saving electricity. This method is especially good for single bottles, were as baking in an oven is best for a few bottles at a time. Here’s a link to a great video that shows how to set up the microwave method. Do NOT use the microwave method with wine bottles that have metallic labels, as this is a fire hazard.