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Why You Should Join A Wine Club? 

Wine Club Membership is now a thing for wine aficionados and there are many ways to become a club member of your favorite winery. You can get in simply by subscribing to a mailing list, creating an exclusive account, or by referral program and more.

But now you are thinking, why you should join a wine club when you can always purchase your favorite wines at grocery or liquor stores? The simple answer is, having a wine club membership will give you access to plenty of perks. This membership would even give you much savings especially if you regularly buy three or more bottles per month.

Most of the wineries offer wine bottle deliveries every month or quarterly. Members could get up to 30% discounted rate per bottle and not only that. Some wineries do have their own restaurants and will give 20 to 30% markdown on their meals for the members so they can enjoy their wine & food pairing at a more reasonable rate.

Another good reason is that you’ll learn more about wines. If you are the person that doesn’t know much about the types of wine then wine clubs are a good place for you to learn more about the wine. Being familiar with the types will let yourself to discover your favorite wine. What’s good and what’s not with a type of wine. If you’re still confused whether you prefer white or red wine, you may opt to request delivery for one of each. Or if you are determined to know more about the white wine, you may choose for a delivery of more whites. There are many ways to take advantage of learning about wines thru your club membership.

Since wine clubs offer shipping for the bottles, members will get the convenience of it coming straight to them, replenishing their supply of bottling without the hassle.

You would also want to know that wineries also throws wine club exclusives for their members. These are special reserves, vintage wines, estate-grown wines that are sometimes included in the deliveries. Who wouldn’t love those ultra-special bottles of wine?

There are also wineries that have a VIP section of the bar for the wine club members. Of course, members will get immediate attention and special treatment and will have a great spot to enjoy their wines. Sometimes, there are also free private tours for the members that may cover places of the winery that are not open to the public.

I think the best reason why you should join a wine club is that being a member will actually support these wineries especially the smaller boutiques. You’ll be a help for local wine artisans to continue and prosper their business. This will grow the local grape varieties and will help these businesses sustain their winemaking traditions that are handed down through the generations.

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