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Happy May Day!
Many cultures celebrate the first of May, or May Day, with a variety of traditions including decking the house with fresh flowers, dancing around the Maypole, or crowning a May Queen.

The most delicious May tradition, however, is German Maiwein, a simple and refreshing May wine punch! Maiwein features the fragrant flowering herb sweet woodruff, or “Waldmeister” in German, that typically starts to bloom in late April through May.

Want to celebrate spring like they do in Bavaria? Follow our favorite Maiwein recipe below:

Maiwein Ingredients:
✓ ¾ cup fresh sweet woodruff leaves
✓ 1 bottle Riesling
✓ 1 bottle sparkling white wine
✓ ¾ cup chopped strawberries
✓ Sweet woodruff flowers and/or strawberries to garnish

Maiwein Recipe:
Infuse Riesling with the sweet woodruff 1-5 hours in the refrigerator.

Once infused, strain the herbs from the Riesling. In a large pitcher, add chopped strawberries and sparkling wine to the Riesling. Garnish glasses with strawberries and sweet woodruff blooms.

Learn more about a traditional German May Day customs here. Prost!

[Cover photo: Randi Hausken/Flickr]