Most Popular Best Pairing Sweet Wines

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Entering the world of wine can sometimes be overwhelming, we know, and we have you covered. We have created a super-easy guide to sweet wines for you.

Wine tasting is all about personal preference, and only you get to choose the best bottle by understanding which of all the options out there work for you. Our experts at Cellar Wine Club, have simplified it all for you in this article.

You might find that some wine data out there is full of geeky terms that might be difficult to get for most humans. Here's a quick list of words you will find in sweet wine labels:

Residual Sugar (RS) references the level of natural grape sugars that were not converted into alcohol during fermentation.

Dry simply means the wine is not sweet or has so little Residual Sugar that is imperceptible for most palates (less than 4 g/l). German labels would name dry wines as Trocken, while French uses "Sec," similar to the Italian "Secco" and Spanish "seco."

Off-dry, also known as medium dry, expect these wines to have a subtle sweetness (< 12 g/L RS). Germans, French and Spanish names translate it as "half-dry": "halbtrocken," "demi-sec," and "semiseco," respectively. Italians go for "abboccato."

Medium Sweet: meaning the wine has a moderate level of sweetness (12-45 g/L RS), and are called "lieblich" (Germany) "amabile" (Italy), "moelleux" (France) and "semi dulce" (Spain).

Sweet: these will be the sweetest wines available in the market as they have over 45 g/L. German wines are labeled as "süß," while in French, it is "doux," "dulce" in Spanish and "dolce" in Italian.

What are the most popular sweet wines?

For the most part, all white wines can be made sweet. The winemaker's choice has to do more with specific techniques and regional styles than it has to do with a particular grape. However, traditionally, several varieties have proved to be particularly spectacular to be made this way around the worlds, and they are:

  • Riesling
  • Gewürztraminer
  • Moscato

Also, Chenin and Torrontes are often chosen to make sweet wine, but be aware that it isn't always the case. Producers of these styles tend to share tons of information in their back label, read them to get familiar with the wines. Also, be aware that sometimes, the expressive floral and fruity nose gives the impression that the wine is sweet when they are not.


What are the best pairings for sweet white wines?

Sweet Sauces like Asian sauces with sugar, tamarind, or honey are a fantastic pairing with sweet white wines.

Spicy food is the to-go choice: When served very chilled, sweet white wines with low alcohol are a terrific match to Mexican food's heat and spiciness.

Sour dishes: are you thinking of a fresh summer salad or something with vinegar-based sauce? Sweet wines match the sourness of these plates, elevating all the flavors.

Light meats: light-to-medium intensity meats like chicken or tofu can go very well with light-bodied off-dry or medium-sweet wines.

Salty dishes produce a highly desirable sweet-salty effect when combines with sweet white wines. The saltier the meal, the sweeter the wine can be. Fingerfood and meat and cheese platters are a fantastic choice for sweet white wines.

Sweet Rosé or Pink Wine

Rosé wine is also made in a wide range of sweetness levels, and in very distinctive ways:

White Zinfandel

Made from red grapes, this tremendously popular wine is full of berry fruit, melon, and candy, making it super approachable and easy to drink. It is an excellent match for a variety of foods like pork or pasta.

Pink Moscato

When choosing a Pink Moscato, expect the same aromatics and flavors found in a White Moscato, but complemented with tons of red fruit, strawberry, pomegranate, and apricot. It makes a terrific choice for a hot summer night, sunset appetizers, and back yard barbecues.

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