Must-Have Gifts for Wine Lovers

01.02.18  \\\  Posted by Holly Ihrig  \\\  Gift Guide wine lovers wine subscription

The shopping season is always in full swing so the best way to give a gift is knowing what your loved one enjoys. This, of course, involves considering their hobbies and passions and trying to come up with a gift they have not already purchased for themselves.

If the intended recipient is a wine lover, you’re in luck. There are many gift options. For the wine lovers on your list, the obvious gift is a bottle of wine, but the options don’t stop there. There are also many wine accessories to help your friends enjoy their wine even more.

Consider the following wine accessories:

  • Wine decanter – A wine decanter is an important accessory for shifting wine from one container to another. Decanting allows wine, particularly older wine, to separate from its sediment, which may have bitter, astringent flavor. Decanting also allows wine to mix with oxygen during the agitating process and develop at an accelerated pace, especially if the wine is new.

  • Wine aerator – This wine accessory triggers the oxidation and evaporation of the wine. Wine is made up of many different compounds, and exposing it to air allows the volatile compounds to evaporate faster than the aromatic and flavorful compounds. Some of the undesirable, volatile compounds in wine include sulfites (smell like burnt matchsticks), sulfides (smell like rotten eggs), and ethanol (smells like rubbing alcohol). These undesirable aromas dissipate with aeration.

  • Corkscrews – A corkscrew is as indispensable to a wine lover as a cigarette lighter is to a smoker. You can buy corkscrews by themselves or as part of a bar set, which includes knives, foil cutters, and strainers.

  • Wine glasses – A wine lover will appreciate a wide variety of wine glasses, as there is a particular type of wine glass for different types of wine. There are crystal flutes for champagne, glass goblets for wine, etc.

  • Wine holders and racks – Decorative wine holders for one or two bottles or large wine racks for a bigger collection are perfect accessories for a wine lover’s home.

Fine wine subscriptions and wine accessories make perfect gifts—particularly for those people who have everything. Surprise your friends and loved ones with a gift that’s both classy and enjoyable.