NFL Quarterbacks make Top Rated Wine

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As we near the end of football season and the Super Bowl is upon us, we want to bring attention to Passing Time Winery. It was founded by NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback Dan Marino, and University of Washington Quarterback legend Damon Huard in 2014.  Who would have thought that wine and football would be match made in heaven? Well Dan and Damon did and it all started with a dream and vision.

A friendship started when Damon served as Dan’s backup for the Miami Dolphins. Working together as teammates before and then remaining friends helped to bring their dream to reality. “Dan and Damon remained good friends and they finally got the nerve to start a winery in Woodinville and they have been crafting some seriously good Cabernet wines since their first release with the 2012 vintage (” With the help of a great esteemed winemaker, Chris Peterson, they were able to hit the ground running and produce an exquisite product. “The first vintage was 450 cases, and even at $75 per bottle, the wines quickly vanished, thanks in no small part to the owners’ athletic fame and Peterson’s winemaking prowess (Seattle Times).” They have continued to produce since then and still sell out every vintage.


Their passion for this business has shown brightly and they have truly made a name for themselves in the ever growing wine world. They are very hands on and even Damon can even be seen delivering the wine to their accounts. "I drive to the back of El Gaucho in Tacoma and deliver the wine. To me, I felt like we had to have that personal touch early on for people to take us seriously. I want to have that relationship with the restaurants and the folks (Damon Huard,” You won’t find many pro athletes that you can shake hands and drink wine with.