“Old Vine” Wines Explained

As any wine club member can discuss with you, there are hundreds of varieties of wine. From sweet white wines such as Moscato and Chardonnay to dry, deep reds like Cabernet and Merlot, there are thousands of options and brands to choose from. No matter what your tastes may be, there is a wine that will suit them. Despite your personal preferences largely dominating your wine selection, there are many individuals who will argue that some wines are better than others. Factors like the grapes used, the winemaking techniques employed, the area of the country or world the grapes were grown in and the age of the wine can all make a difference in a wine’s quality.

Although the true benefit of a great bottle of wine lies in partiality, there are many specific qualifiers that contribute to a wine’s inherent quality. Old vine wine, for example, is something highly desired by many individuals due to its longevity. Essentially, old vine wine is a wine made from grapes growing on a vine of significant age. Rather than a new vine, as found in most recently formed vineyards, an old vine has a tried and true history of producing high caliber grapes and quality wine.

Wine grape vines can grow for 120 years or more. After several decades, the grapes a vine produces are smaller, more vibrant, and more intense. This provides a flavor that new wine vines cannot match, a detail that makes long-standing vineyards and their wines highly prized by wine club members and other wine aficionados. Although old vines are prized over new vines, there are no true parameters or age ranges that differentiate an old vine from a new vine.

While many factors can be used to differentiate one kind of wine from another, and a high quality wine from an average bottle, vine age is a particularly interesting element to the wine making process. Old vine wine has a flavor profile than cannot be matched by fledgling wines. If you are more interested in learning more about the subtle differences in wine and heighten your palate, a wine club membership could be the perfect solution.