Red Wine and Chocolate

02.11.19  \\\  Posted by   \\\  Wine 101

Dark chocolate and red wine can be a match made in heaven when paired correctly. And with February being known as the month of love and chocolate seen all over the stores this time of year, we think a wine and chocolate pairing should be involved. The pairing of the two can be an art while working to get the perfect flavor combination you’re looking for.

The Spruce Eats says to keep it simple when pairing wine and chocolate together and really think about what flavors will come together in harmony. “With both wine and chocolate carrying their own innate intensity, they can often find themselves engaged in a formidable palate power play, each vying for dominance and immediate attention (The Spruce Eats).” If a wine is too fruity and paired with dark chocolate, it can create an off taste in the wine and send your taste buds into confusion. You have to be careful to choose the right wine and chocolate to keep each one balanced.

Dark chocolate is typically known for its bitter taste profile. Some wines that pair well with this style are Malbec, Red Blends, Ports and dry reds.  Zinfandels are also a great bold red to pair with a dark chocolate. “Zinfandels with their dense fruit, energetic spice, and often higher alcohol levels enjoy a long legacy of handling dark chocolate delights exceptionally well (The Spruce Eats).” But everyone has their own preference and what may taste like a great pairing to one, may not to another. It’s all about trying different wines and a range of chocolates. You never know what combination could be a winner.