Class up your Super Bowl with Fine Wine

01.27.17  \\\  Posted by Holly Ihrig  \\\  Wine Pairings

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in the United States. It has become so big that the television coverage of the game is beamed to over 200 countries. The Super Bowl has grown into a thing of pomp and tradition, with its commercials and half-time shows becoming as big as the game itself.

The Super Bowl has also become synonymous with certain foods including buffalo wings, nachos, pizza, chili, chips and dips. For some, the thrill of the snacks even eclipses the thrill of the game.

Super Bowl food is usually associated with beer, but that leaves out the wine lovers among us. If you want to take it up a notch this year, consider dressing up your Super Bowl buffet table with delicious wine offerings.

Consider these Super Bowl snacks that go well with wine:

Buffalo Wings
Oven-fried chicken wings have crispy skin and a slight kick of heat, but the sauce is vinegary. Teamed up with bleu cheese dressing to add a pungent flavor, the wings are easy favorites. Wings go well with a fruity, off-dry white wine. It could be a blend of Grenache Blanc, Chardonnay or Marsanne, with flavors of melon and tropical fruits to match the acidity of the vinegary sauce. Another possible pairing is a white port mixed with a splash of tonic and a twist of lime. You can also try off-dry sparkling wine or a sweet Riesling.

Meaty Chili
Chili includes meaty and smoky flavors and naturally goes with a structured red wine. If the chili is moderately spice only, you can pair it with a Monastrell, a robust red from Southern Spain that has ample tannins and inherent smokiness.

Pizza takes on extra appeal when served with Italian red wines such as Chianti Classico, Barbera, Dolcetto, Primitivo, or Nebbiolo. You can make adjustments to your wine pairings depending on the pizza toppings. Pair a hefty red wine like Monastrell or Aglianico with sausage or pepperoni. For onions, olives, and peppers, Grenache and Zweigwelt will be ideal. Opt for an off-dry Riesling for pizza topped with ham and pineapple.

Nachos with all of the fixings are well-complemented by white wines like Sauvignon Blanc or Grenache.

February 5, 2017 is coming soon. As you make preparations to enjoy Super Bowl LI, consider starting a new tradition by providing the indulgence of fine wine to your guests.