Valentine's Day Wine Gifts For Your Best Friend

02.12.18  \\\  Posted by CWC  \\\  Gift Guide

Tired of getting your bestie that same box of chocolates as a Valentine's Day gift? We’ve got a great selection of wines to fit your budget, your best friend’s tastes, and most importantly, serve as an upgrade to the cliché chocolates.

We know keeping up with friendships can be difficult, but wine clubs make it easy for you to meet up with your bestie on a regular basis and try a variety of wines over time. Here you’ll find the perfect wine gift for your wine lover friend to make this year’s Valentine’s Day the best #WineWednesday ever!

Valentine’s Day Wine Clubs
Bottle Club
You don’t have to sacrifice quality at a lower price. This is a lovely option for the budget-conscious gifter. Your friend will get a unique bottle of red or white wine every month, or as frequently as you choose.

International Club
This is an exceptional choice if you have a bestie who enjoys flavors from around the world. The best part about it is that they’ll make their way right to your friend’s doorstep. If you’re like us and can’t get enough of wines from new regions, this is perfect because you’ll get two bottles at a time - red, white, or both!

90+ Point Club
If you want to show your bestie some extra love this year, the 90+ Point Club is excellent for every wine aficionado. There’s no better way to express a mutual passion for wine than being able to choose from Old World to New, and this club offers an even greater selection each shipment.

 Other Valentine’s Day Gifts

Wine Accessories & Tools
Some of us are better able to save some for later, and wine stoppers are a superb gift for wine storage. For a little extra splurging, you could get your friend an electric wine opener.

Keep your best friend in mind this Valentine’s Day with a wine club subscription. It’s both high quality, and low effort on your part. You can’t go wrong!