Bud Break

04.27.17  \\\  Posted by Stasia Brewczynski  \\\  Vine to Vino

Bud break is an early sign of spring.

Explore each step in the series, Vine to Vino: the lifecycle of a grape. This month, learn about bud break, and then see what's ahead for the year to come.

Bud Break
Spring means the start of the annual growth cycle. In the Northern hemisphere, this happens around March when temperatures rise consistently above 50 °F. After winter dormancy, the first buds of the season emerge. Tiny shoots start to grow and begin the process of photosynthesis. This early burst of green is an exciting foretelling of fruit yet-to-come.

The Lifecycle of a Grape
Bud Break
Fruit Set
Crop Thinning
Canopy Management
Destemming & Crush
Pressing & Fermentation
Dormancy & Pruning

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[Cover photo: Vineyards/Flickr]