Canopy Management

08.04.17  \\\  Posted by Stasia Brewczynski  \\\  Vine to Vino

Canopy management keeps vines healthy.

Explore each step in the series, Vine to Vino: the lifecycle of a grape. This time, learn about canopy management, and then see what’s ahead for the year to come.
Canopy Management
Beyond crop thinning, canopy management is an entire collection of vineyard management techniques that are important for the health and development of the grape plant and fruit. Canopy management includes cutting back unwanted leaves to create a less dense canopy. This allows more of the remaining leaves to absorb the sun and be circulated by air which is best for healthy vineyards.
The Lifecycle of a Grape
Bud Break
Fruit Set
Crop Thinning
Canopy Management
Destemming & Crush
Pressing & Fermentation
Dormancy & Pruning

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