Crop Thinning

Crop thinning helps the best grapes grow.

Explore each step in the series, Vine to Vino: the lifecycle of a grape. This time, learn about crop thinning, and then see what's ahead for the year to come.
Crop Thinning
Thinning the grape clusters is used to allow the best fruit to flourish and increase in size. By removing under preforming fruit, more nutrients and photosynthates are received by the remaining fruit, improving overall quality to the final grapes, and of course, the final product: the wine. Crop thinning is also a great way for farmers to breed stronger fruit every year through process of elimination, meaning their vines have the potential to become better with each passing year.
The Lifecycle of a Grape
Bud Break
Fruit Set
Crop Thinning
Canopy Management
Destemming & Crush
Pressing & Fermentation
Dormancy & Pruning

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