Wine Tasting Party Everyone Will Remember

07/22/2020  \\\  Posted by Jennifer O'Neill  \\\  Wine 101

How To Throw A Wine Tasting Party Everyone Will Remember by Jennifer O’Neill

The market has grown year-on-year, according to research reported by The Beverage Information & Insights Group, with innovation in winemaking and the emergence of newer wine regions (and unsung varietals) resulting in new blends that have received universal acclaim. If you are part of the wine boom and you can think of nothing better than trying out a premium bottle or two in the company of good friends, you may have considered holding a wine tasting party. If so, make sure you have all the ingredients to make the event one to remember, and repeat in the presence of family and friends.


Choosing The Right Wine Selection

It is a good idea to think of the type of event you wish to hold. Are you keen on highlighting the excellence of local or regional wines, or are new, exotic international bottles what you're after? If you're a seasoned wine collector, then you will undoubtedly be subscribed to the Cellars Wine Club, and you will therefore have a wide variety of bottles to choose from in your cellar. However, if you are new to the game, then you might choose to play it safe by opting for 90+ wines or by making a selection from your wine club’s approved selection of wonderful world wines. You can also focus on a particular grape variety, delighting your guests with the history and qualities that make each bottle a world unto its own.


Keeping It Clean And Tidy

Even if you use furniture or décor pieces you already have for your wine party, your chosen area should be spick and span, with excess furniture removed so as to promote ease of movement. Give all floors a good mop or vacuum, and ensure that table surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned. Wine tastings are usually accompanied by snacks or cheese/charcuterie trays, and snack items can be dropped and subsequently picked up. Bacteria clings to food in seconds, despite the popular five second rule myth, meaning that crackers or other goods which are dropped and taken again can potentially cause tummy upset. Cleaning your table with a microfiber cloth and warm water with a drop or two of dish soap will ensure it is sparkling clean when guests arrive. Avoid harsh cleaning products, which are toxic and can wrest from your indoor air quality.


Setting The Scene

Wine testing is normally associated with luxury, exclusivity and sophistication, so ensure you choose the right spot in your home for your upcoming party. An al fresco dining space adjacent to your garden is perfect for laying out your finest crystal and crockery. Get the ambience right by gracing trees with fairy lights, pulling out any piece of vintage wood furniture you may have, and dressing the table with elegant napkins, cutlery, and central décor pieces. Include name tags, table candles, and simple yet beautiful flower arrangements that will enable your guests to feel like they have walked into a nature-filled oasis - the perfect backdrop against which to sip on the finest of wines.


If you're planning on hosting a wine party soon, ensure that you get the three main ingredients right: great wine, clean surroundings, and a sophisticated atmosphere. Think of how you can make your guests feel like the event is truly special. You might do so by filling the garden with candles of all sizes, decorating your table with artistry, or investing in delicate crystal that will serve you for many more future events.

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