Winery Tour Etiquette

 Yes, wine tasting has etiquette, too. And whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced taster, you are expected to act accordingly. The point of wine tasting etiquette is to avoid accidents and to make your wine country visit smoother. Here are some etiquette tips

Don’t wear strong colognes or fragrance. Your sense of smell contributes greatly to your wine tasting experience. Strong scents could ruin the tasting experience as they interfere with the aromas of the wine. Wearing a scent won’t just ruin your experience, but everyone around you.

Avoid haggling. Wine tasting is an event, not a deal. Avoid negotiating over prices, quantities, etc. True lovers of wine respect the experience and policies. Taste one. Pay. If you don’t like, taste another.

Be honest. Being “in the industry” of making a living through wine business often allows for discounts at wine tasting events and tours. The problem is that some wine tasters take advantage of the opportunity to score unjust discounts. Don’t. Wine is a love affair. Treat it well and it will treat you well.

Moderate your intake. Remember that this isn’t a party, this is wine tasting. Avoid intentions of wine tasking to get drunk. Though it’s okay to drink and have some fun, control your intake.

Purchase the wine. If you enjoy a particular wine, buy it. Don’t hesitate. It’s a good way of keeping the memory alive once you’re back home. Buying wine may also entail some benefits such as waiving the tasting fee.

With minimal etiquette in mind, you’ll make your visit smoother which will make it more memorable. Don’t hesitate to research wine tasting opportunities. When you’re ready to experience a tasting tour, take it all in. Smile. Laugh. Enjoy. Happy wine tasting!