Zodiac Wine Pairing

04.23.18  \\\  Posted by Stasia Brewczynski  \\\  Wine Pairings

Need a personalized birthday gift of wine, or want to celebrate your own zodiac sign? We’ve broken down which of 12 monthly and quarterly wine clubs match up to each star sign on the astrological chart. Get your wine horoscope below to predict what styles and varietals will suit you best!

Aquarius Natural Club

Aquarius | January 20-February 18 | Natural Club
Social warriors at heart, Aquarians seek out products that give back and care deeply about how their wine is made. Unconventional and innovative, this sign deserves a like-minded beverage, which is why the unique, low-intervention wines featured in our Natural Club are the perfect complement to Aquarius.

Pisces Bottle Club

February 19-March 20 | Bottle Club
Pisces are free-loving spirits that hate being pinned down or forced to conform. Thankfully, our clubs offer no membership fees and no obligation to continue — plus, the low commitment and exploratory nature of our Bottle Club is ideally suited to the Pisces temperament!

Aries Red Trio Club

Aries | March 21-April 19 | Red Trio Club
Aries are confident folks who know what they like, and don’t beat around the bush about it. Our Red Trio Club is specifically suited to their particular palates and complex natures, featuring wines as bold as Aries are.

Taurus Premium Club

Taurus | April 20-May 20 | Premium Club
Like to-the-point Taurus, our Premium Club selections show reliably good taste.

Gemini International Case Club

Gemini | May 21-June 20 | International Case Club
Always ready to party with friends, a Gemini will require a case of wine where another sign might only need to stash a couple bottles. Bored by routine, Geminis crave the world of fun and exploration that our International Case Club provides.

Cancer 90+ Point Club

Cancer | June 21-July 22 | 90+ Point Club
Tough on the outside and big softies inside, Cancers would definitely need time to decant if they were wines! Luckily, each of our clubs arrives with tasting notes that include recommendations for aging and decanting each wine. The outstanding bottles featured in our90+ Point Club have all scored highly with critics, and are a perfect pairing for Cancers’ inherent leadership qualities.

Leo Sparkling Club

Leo | July 23-August 22 | Sparkling Club
A Leo is a boss who always has a reason to celebrate! That’s why matching Leos with our monthly Sparkling Club is a no-brainer. From French Champagne and Crémant to Italian Prosecco and Spanish Cava, sparkling wines are as ready for the spotlight and as highly romantic as a Leo.

Virgo Sweet Club

Virgo | August 23-September 22 | Sweet Club
Sweetest of the signs, modest yet tantalizing Virgo is a clear match for the luscious collection of sweet wine types, like Riesling, rosé, and Moscato wine, found in each delivery of our Sweet Club.

Libra Premium Case Club

Libra | September 23-October 22 | Premium Case Club
Great listeners, Libras are likely to pour a friend a glass of wine before being asked. Natural hosts, Libras are unlikely to horde their stash, but instead generously share the bounty of a Premium Case Club with everyone around them!

Scorpio 90+ Case Club

Scorpio | October 23-November 21 | 90+ Point Case Club
Some folks are as intimidated by our 90+ Point Case Club as they are of Scorpios. This passionate and motivated sign, however, doesn’t shy away from appreciating the best. With that in mind, there’s no better club for a Scorpio than one that proudly features a case of highly coveted bottles.

Sagittarius International Club

Sagittarius | November 22-December 21 | International Club
Always ready for an adventure, the curious Sagittarius can travel the world in a bottle with every International Club delivery. This club provides wine that connects to a sense of place and discovery, exactly what Sagittarius craves.

Capricorn West Coast Club

Capricorn | December 22-January 19 | West Coast Club
Perfectionists, Capricorns know grape quality is like real estate: It’s all about location. This sign wants to pick a renowned wine region and stick with it, rather than bounce around into the unknown. That’s why our West Coast Club, offering exclusively Best Coast highlights — from California’s Napa Valley and Los Alamos Vineyard to Washington’s Yakima Valley and Celilo Vineyard — is exactly what Capricorns are looking for in a wine club.