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Let us help you find your inner wine enthusiast, one bottle at a time with our single-bottle subscription. A great introduction to Cellars Wine Club of the Month selections, the Bottle Club, is perfect whether you’re looking for a special occasion treat to enjoy, want to simply try new bottles of wine, or wish to give the gift of a distinguished bottle of red or white. The Bottle Club is open-ended, allowing each customer to utilize it however caters to their own wine desires best.

Giving the gift of wine has a long history of creating happiness. With the single-bottle subscription, you can send a refined bottle of wine (with your selection of red or white), for as many shipments as you choose and with your desired frequency. Sign-up a loved one, friends, or your significant other and give them the gift of a single-bottle wine subscription!

Low commitment shouldn’t mean low quality, that’s why at Cellars Wine Club, we believe that dabblers and sophisticated wine enthusiasts alike deserve a great selection of wine varietals. You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to enjoy a wine club subscription with us, and if you’re beginning to dabble in wine as a first-timer, the single-bottle wine subscription is a great place to start. Let us help you find your perfect bottle!

We cater to those who have a solidified appreciation for wine, those who hope to try and learn more about wine, and those who simply want to sit back and enjoy a bottle from time to time. Our mission, for every wine club subscription, is to find a unique and delicious bottle of wine for every shipment. That’s why we are using our wine expertise and ever-growing knowledge of the industry when choosing every bottle that we ship to you. Upon delivery, you’ll know with confidence that every bottle of wine was thoughtfully picked with your upmost enjoyment in mind.

At Cellars Wine Club, we pride ourselves on being a wine club that truly cares about our customers. With your preferences and our skilled wine professionals, we work to provide the best product that we know you’ll enjoy. We offer fast and reliable shipping, as well as a 100% “no bad bottle” guarantee. If you ever get a bottle of wine that has gone bad or simply didn’t travel well, let us know and we’ll replace it, no questions asked. Wine delivery has never been simpler (or better!) with our reliable and quick shipping time, along with our 100% money back guarantee for a “no bad bottle”. You can count on Cellars Wine Club for customer satisfaction.


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