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Explore the international world of wine from the comfort of your home. Imagine sipping a glass of Italian Chianti, with the flavor profile reminiscent of tart cherries as you enjoy a steak dinner. Transport straight to the land down under when you open a full-bodied bottle of Australian Shiraz – rich, ripe and intense fruit flavor coat your palate. On a warm day, enjoy a dry Chardonnay from South Africa –an incredibly easy to drink bottle with flavors of oak and spice. At Cellars Wine Club we focus on providing you with a luxury experience, with quality products, while also maintaining a variety of wine and exciting new bottles to try in every shipment.

Focusing exclusively on imports, the International Club explores a new region every month, making it an ideal way to take a journey across the globe, two bottles at a time. You will quickly become a worldly wine connoisseur with this wine club subscription! Plus with our sourcing and distribution expertise, included in your wine delivery are exceptional and hard-to-find wines well below U.S. market price. This is affordable travel, that doesn’t sacrifice quality, and can be enjoyed with every sip.  

Experience the luxurious world of international wines or send to a friend, family member or loved one with our easy-to-use wine delivery! Select you preference of red, white, or one of each, as well as your frequency, (one-time, monthly, or quarterly deliveries) and number of shipments, and we’ll do the rest. Every wine gift shipment from our wine of the month club is unique and special and will make the recipient feel just that. Plus, we provide tasting notes on every wine we ship, so even the most knowledgeable wine-lover will know exactly what they are enjoying.  

Similar to traveling, you always want more. That’s why we have our offer to save over 35% while getting more wine per shipment! The International Case Club is ideal for those who wish to enjoy more wine on every shipment while saving on the even better per-bottle value. Easily have a bottle ready for a special occasion or during your favorite meal when you order the case club wine subscription. Plus, it’s a great gift idea for couples celebrating something special!

Cellars Wine Club has a mission to produce the utmost customer service on every order. Thanks to our 100% “no bad bottle” guarantee, the loyalty of our members is built on the foundation of exceptional experience and taste. We balance new discoveries with timeless classics for a well-rounded and uniquely curated wine selection delivered right to your door.


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    (this can be changed on future shipments, no charge)